3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Historic Barn Over a Modern Barn for Your Wedding

Something about the wooden timbers, towering ceilings, and surrounding countryside of historic barns that makes our hearts skip a beat. They’re perfect for stunning country weddings, so it’s no surprise they’re becoming increasingly popular.

New barns venues seem to be popping up everywhere to meet this demand, making it increasingly difficult to choose one for your big day. While there’s no disputing that having a wedding in a rustic setting is romantic, there’s a catch: not all barn venues are created equal.

The benefits of a historic barn

Modern barns aren’t a bad option for a wedding, but the authentic, historical, and aesthetic qualities of a renovated barn can bring an element of charm and splendour to your special day that newer builds can’t compete with.

With that in mind, here are a few reasons why a historic, renovated barn is the best choice for your wedding venue.

The appearance of a historic barn

The décor is the most visible benefit of a refurbished barn. Keeping the venue’s original look will easily achieve the rustic, stylish aesthetic that everyone adores. For example, Old Essex Barn dates back to the 15th century and offers historic oak timbers and vaulted ceilings, as well as an original wattle and daub wall that are difficult to replicate in a new venue.

Open spaces

Another benefit of historic barns is the sheer quantity of room they provide. Barns are wide, open spaces that lend themselves to large wedding parties since they were originally built to hold cattle, animal feed, hay, grain, and equipment.

Another factor to consider while selecting a barn wedding site is the surrounding area. Some barns are situated in developed areas and don’t have the same atmosphere as a farm wedding, however, barn venues like Old Essex Barn are surrounded by rolling fields in the heart of the Essex countryside. These natural features make for beautiful settings for photos and sunsets, as well as magnificent, panoramic views of the countryside.

Modern comforts

Finally, just because your wedding is held in a rustic barn doesn’t mean that amenities are just as limited. When barns are renovated to hold events, careful attention is paid to include all of the contemporary conveniences that you and your guests would expect, such as WiFi, heating, and lighting. It’s crucial to feel comfortable at a wedding, and historic barns like ours provide services to guarantee that no one has trouble accommodating their guests.

Book your wedding at Old Essex Barn

If you want a wedding venue with a rich history to unravel, a historic barn is the way to go. Old Essex Barn is a historic wedding venue that is full of character. Why not add to its chapter? Book your viewing today – it’s time to tell your very own story…