6 Creative Wedding Table Plan Ideas

We often get asked by couples how they can make their table plan interesting.

While we can’t make it for you (sorry, guys!), we can recommend some of our favourite ideas to make your seating chart stand out. While some decorations may go unnoticed, the table plan is one feature that all of your guests will notice, so a little originality here can go a long way.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 creative DIY seating and table layout ideas to get you started.

Top tips for table planning

Make sure your table plan is easy for your guests to follow, as there will be a rush as everyone searches for their seats. Whatever design you come up with, don’t make it too complicated!

  1. Wooden Pallet Table Plans

A rustic table layout is perfect for a country wedding with a rustic atmosphere to match your barn venue. Wooden pallets make for inexpensive seating charts too; simply attach your plan with twine and pegs and you’re done! You can even dress it up with little pots of herbs or flowers, or a beautiful garland of fresh flowers.

  1. Picture Frame Table Plans

Frames can be freestanding or fixed on a wall or board. Simply collect old frames from around the house or browse charity shops. Choose the same frame for a unified contemporary design, or mix and match for a vintage vibe.

  1. Cutting Board & Plate Table Plans

Here’s one for the foodies among you! Turn plates, chopping boards, or anything else you may think of into a DIY table layout to show off your culinary ability or kitchenware collection to your visitors.

  1. Poster Board Table Plans

One of the easiest table design ideas to put into action – all you need is a poster board and an easel to create your personalised table plan. Play around with the writing style, match it to your stationery, or create your own; the options are endless. However, try to leave the printing as late as possible to accommodate any last-minute adjustments to the guest list.

  1. Fabric Table Plans

Your table plan can be printed on any surface, and fabric such as linen is another wonderful alternative since it allows you to create something a little softer and warmer than some of the other options. You can always put your art and craft skills to work and create a DIY version or talk to a calligrapher about creating something special for a bohemian wedding.

  1. Acrylic Table Plans

And now for our last seating layout suggestion: acrylic is the latest trend in the wedding market. So, for a truly modern table plan to impress your guests, choose an acrylic display. You can frame it, position it on an easel, or suspend it from the ceiling. If you’re feeling artistic, use a white chalk marker and your best handwriting for a DIY version.