Our 5 top tips for a stress-free wedding morning

Many brides will dream about the perfect wedding day and a huge part of the perfect day is the all-important wedding morning. For the bride, and her bridal party, the wedding morning is usually an emotional few hours spent preparing and getting ready for one of the biggest days in a lifetime.

To celebrate the completion of Old Essex Barn’s purpose built bridal preparation suite we’ve put together our top tips for a stress-free wedding morning that sets the scene for a magical wedding day:

The Right Timing

One of the most important aspects of the wedding morning is getting the timing right. Nothing is more stressful than running out of time on the wedding morning and rushing to get ready. As emotions will be running high it is important to ensure that stress levels are kept to a minimum.

By properly planning the timing of the wedding morning, and allowing plenty of time for everyone to get ready, you can ensure each moment is savoured rather than rushed through. Not only will everyone be able to stay calm and carefree but there will also be time for a glass of bubbly or two, some meaningful and emotional moments and some beautiful photographs.

If you plan on using professional hair and make-up stylists on your wedding day then they will be able to advise how much time they’ll need to get the bride and bridal party ready. Our top tip would be to aim to be ready an hour before the ceremony.

The Old Essex Barn bridal preparation suite is available for your entire wedding day to ensure that no matter how much time is needed there is a spacious and luxurious purpose-built space available that is completely private and hidden away from the groom, groom’s party and arriving wedding guests.

Perfect pampering

Whether you plan on using professional hair and make-up artists or getting ready with the help of your bridal party it really helps to have a spacious area with the correct power sockets, well-placed mirrors and plenty of natural light.

The Old Essex Barn bridal preparation suite has been specifically designed to provide a salon-quality space that allows plenty of room for hair and make-up for the whole bridal party. Floor to ceiling windows flood the room with natural light and allow you to enjoy views of the tranquil countryside whilst also being hidden away from the prying eyes of wedding guests.

Plan for photos

Whilst you may have planned the photos you’d like taken during your wedding day it is important not to neglect the wedding morning as a wonderful opportunity for photographs or videography footage.

As a bride you will have most-likely selected your bridal party to be your closest friends and family members so don’t miss the opportunity to get some stunning photos together! Traditionally this part of the wedding day is off-limits to the groom so photographs provide a behind-the-scenes view for him too.

Many bridal parties opt for matching dressing gowns for fun coordinated photos but the wedding morning is also a lovely time for candid photos of natural moments. Moments such as a best-friend helping the bride into her wedding dress or the faces of the bridal party upon seeing the bride in her dress for the first time. Having photos of these moments ensures they remain memories for a lifetime.

An interior design team have perfected the purpose-built space at Old Essex Barn to ensure it is the perfect backdrop for stunning photography and videography footage.

Luxury finishes, well-matched accessories and neutral colours complement the stunning countryside views to provide a feel of a boutique hotel with the added comforts of countryside bolt-hole.

Luxurious and spacious, the suite is ideal for those wedding morning moments caught on camera.

Practice makes perfect

Your wedding dress will likely be the most beautiful and expensive dress that you’ll ever wear and the dress you’ll be most photographed in in your lifetime. Wedding dresses often have stunning but complicated buttons or corset-style features so we’d recommend practicing putting on your wedding dress before the big day. Plan in advance the person that you want to help you into your dress and make sure you’ve practised together.

Not only will practicing ensure any last minute stress is avoided but it will also give you the opportunity to get some beautiful photos of this special moment.

Stay Hydrated

During all of the excitement of the wedding morning it can be easy to forget to stay hydrated. To avoid dehydration headaches it is important to remember to stay hydrated and drink enough water throughout the wedding morning.

Once hydration is taken care of it can also be a sumptuous treat to enjoy a glass, or two, of prosecco or Champagne with your bridal party whilst getting ready during those all important hours.

The Old Essex Barn bridal preparation suite has its own bar especially for bride and bridal party to enjoy in private – adding an unbeatable touch of luxury to a special morning.

The special hours of the wedding morning can set the tone for the rest of your wedding day. The Old Essex Barn bridal preparation suite is purpose built and sumptuously designed to be the perfect space for a magical wedding morning.

Steeped in history and bursting with authentic character, Old Essex Barn is one of the most romantic venues in Essex. Recently renovated and lovingly reimagined, Old Essex Barn’s beauty deserves to be witnessed first hand. Book your own private viewing with our experienced wedding coordinator team.