The Advantages of Planning Corporate Events at Historic Barns

Party planning committees – this post is for you!

Planning corporate events can be a daunting and often frustrating task.

Hosting your awards ceremony or dinner in a local barn will add a personal touch to your event. Barns have recently grown in popularity due to their rustic, cosy ambience, as well as their ability to serve as ideal locations for entertaining. Read on to find out why.

Get the perfect backdrop for that all-important meeting

Picturesque, rustic, familiar, and cosy – these are all great ways to describe the interior of our restored barn and the countryside surrounding it.

Situated in the heart of Essex, the stunning countryside venue of Old Essex Barn has so much to offer.

Easy event planning

By hiring a local venue that offers plenty of inspiration, you can approach event planning as a creative endeavour.

Consider hosting a BBQ buffet or a three-course meal in a rural setting with a stunning view. It makes for a charming alternative to the usual eateries.

Whether it’s a work anniversary party, an annual Christmas do, or a special product launch, we have plenty of ideas on how to set up our barn to make your event one to remember.

Fewer Strangers, More Bonding

Parties in urban environments can be exciting. However, certain occasions require a more peaceful setting that allows attendees to unwind and get inspired by their surroundings.

Unlike pubs and restaurants, which usually only have a few tables or rooms available, choosing a private location ensures that there will be no unwelcome guests or loud noise from the room next door.

Versatile & flexible to your needs 

When it comes to year-end celebrations or company anniversaries, many venues are fully booked for weeks on end, with little wiggle space.

While we have a lot of weddings on weekends, we have plenty of vacancies during the week, which is why we offer a calendar for you to look ahead and choose the day that works best for you and your business.

Despite the age of the barn itself, we are a modern event space that has moved away from the one-size-fits-all approach to events that are more flexible, adaptive, and experiential.

Our flexible and dynamic team enables us to manage and coordinators your event plans, no matter how large or small, as we adapt to seminars, networking meetings, launch events – offering a wide range of spaces for up to 140 guests.

Start planning your event today

Our team is ready to help you start planning a day of fun, cooperation, and excitement for your business. Book a viewing with us today and learn how we are the best option for your next event.

And, if you have any additional questions or concerns, you can always contact us!